Power Mechanical was founded as an engineering service company in 1988; our experience in understanding the needs of our customers and project contractors at site level has been key to the company’s service reputation.  Our highly experienced service technicians, who not only understand our equipment, have a vast knowledge of many of our customer specific plants and their operational requirements have lead to an unparallel level of service that dovetails with our customers needs.

As a direct result of the company’s service ethos many of our customers insist that our service team install, set up and commission their equipment rather than attempt it themselves.

On Site

As part of a total actuation service, Power Mechanical is able to offer a complete on site installation, retrofit, service, testing and commissioning facility.

The benefit to our end users and project management teams from our fully qualified and experienced technicians will ensure that every aspect of the actuator and control systems is correctly installed maintaining integrity and eliminating site problems often associated when installing unfamiliar equipment.
Available onsite facilities include mobile site workshops complete with full testing equipment to facilitate commission testing and fault analysis.

Retrofitting services are available to allow existing manually operated valves to be automated without the complete replacement of the valve. 

In House Service Repair

Fully equipped and modern work shop facilities with full controls and actuator testing, including actuator torque testing, guarantees a fast cost effective and recertified service repair on all actuator products.
  • Factory trained technicians.
  • Authorised service centre.
  • Actuator Torque Testing for re-certification.
  • Low Pressure Piston, High Pressure Hydraulic, High Pressure Gas, Electric, Sub-Sea Actuation and associated controls.
  • Emergency Service Repair.

Service Maintenance

An integral part of Power Mechanical’s customer support philosophy is prevention rather than cure. 

To this end site surveys to carry out equipment condition assessment provide customers with crucial information relating to their high integrity plant, allowing them to plan effectively for shut down operations and ensure the necessary spares or replacements are in place.

Routine maintenance programs can be set up to accommodate production operations ensuring minimal interruption with maximum reliability

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