Valve Automation Centre:

The Power Mechanical Valve Automation Centre is a single point responsibility facility designed to offer the end user with a High Integrity requirement complete confidence in the valve, actuator and controls package.

Approved by Shell and Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) the VAC has become for many end users the only way to confidently purchase valve actuation and control packages for their critical duty applications.

The Benefits Are Clear:

  • Single Point Responsibility: eliminating the clients need to co-ordinate a number of manufactures simultaneously, with each manufacturer’s expertise limited to their individual component part
  • Technical Expertise: Safe in the knowledge that the VAC has the technical knowledge and experience of every aspect of the package and how they interface and impact on the final outcome
  • Integration: The VAC will ensure that the complete system is fully assembled, fully tested to simulate life cycle operations and integrity certified before it is shipped for installation into the pipeline
  • Commissioning: Commissioning is carried out as part of the integrity testing prior to shipping which means that the package can be placed straight into the pipe line, once the field pipes and cabling are connected the Valve, Actuator and Controls are ready for immediate operation, thus saving down time and money
  • Technical Data: Again the single point responsibility means the VAC is responsible for producing all the necessary technical data including full assembly drawings, parts lists, quality plans and spare requirements reducing client projects costs significantly
  • Service Support: “Is it a problem with the valve, Is it a problem with the actuator, or is it a problem with the controls?”  The VAC as the single point of responsibility will take care of the complete package ensuring that any service requirement is resolved effectively and efficiently minimising any down time and ensuring that complete confidence in the equipment is maintained
  • Costs:  As well as the confidence and reliability of procuring through an approved VAC the project cost savings can be significant when considering the following:
    • Equipment evaluation has already been carried out by the VAC minimising project engineering time 
    • Single purchase order to one supplier thus reducing procurement administration
    • Design review is kept to a minimum with all technical documentation centralised through the VAC
    • Expediting is managed through the VAC allowing the project team to focus on other areas of procurement
    • Single point inspection thus reducing additional cost of third party inspections
    • Minimal installation costs as the valve and actuator package is supplied commissioned and ready for immediate operation
    • Initial operational problems eliminated
Over the past eight years since the inception of the Power Mechanical VAC the company has supplied fully tested and certified Valve Actuation Packages to many prestigious projects around the world.

The reliability from delivery/first installation to date of the equipment we have supplied through the VAC has been unparalleled when comparing to conventional methods of procuring valve and actuation packages.  

When you consider these factors the Power Mechanical VAC offers the most technically and commercially advantageous solution.

Valve Automation Centre