Technical analysis of the valves characteristics and torque performance to provide the correct data for accurate sizing, carried out by bespoke sizing programs guaranteeing the best actuator selection to meet the valves operational profile. Selecting valves considering operational parameters and the suitability of materials.

Valve Analysis

Design & Build

Design and build of the operating controls required, considering operation speed based on process or safety conditions. Integration and assembly of all the main components to provide the final package.

Power Mechanical uses the latest 3D drawing packages, Solid Works™, to fully model components and full systems ensuring that the customer has a detailed visual and technical representation of the equipment they require. In addition, the ability to fully model equipment allows the company to support customers at the design stage with clash analysis. This ensures that we provide the best configuration for the equipment to be installed in areas where there may be additional pipework or structures that make the available space challenging.

Power Mechanical’s reputation for un-paralleled build quality, attention to detail and manufacture within the design practical parameters of components has gained a reputation for manufacturing the highest quality systems within the market for some of the most demanding clients.

Valve Design


In house testing to simulate operation conditions to verify suitability and safety integrity of the completed package providing a certified and ready to install automated valve assembly.

Benefits to the customer are a single point of responsibility for critical application equipment ensuring that there are no technical conflicts between all the major components that make up high integrity packages.

Value Automation Testing


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